Recently we have started implementation of a new, more intuitive home page for users of Office 365. This update will help freshen up the look of the home page of Office 365 and launch a number of new features for users and administrators.

We are in constant search for opportunities to improve the ways to perform everyday tasks for our users. New Home Office 365 does work with applications more cohesive and unified Office, educational institutions and homes everywhere. In addition, the new platform helps us respond to feedback from users and add new innovative features faster than ever.

We have simplified the access to applications and documents Office 365. Now when you sign in to your account to Office 365, you get immediate access to all your online Microsoft Office product key sale applications and the latest documents that helps you do the right things faster.

As part of this update, we also took the opportunity to improve the adaptability of the page for better display on all devices. Office 365 helps you do your job better, regardless of what device you are using, and the new page looks great on your Smartphone, Tablet PCs and Macs.


We want to be sure that our users get the full power of Office 365. New tips give off new and unused functions, including recently added applications and actions required by the user.

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Simple installation of Office

We have greatly simplified the receipt by the latest versions of Office Mobile 365 and desktop software. You can now download and install Office from the home page on your device in one click. We also simplified the installation of Mobile Office applications from your desktop 365. Simply select the application that you want to install and send an email or SMS to the device on which you want to install it.
Microsoft Announces advanced features for Outlook Web Access with Office 365

On the last day of March at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin (Texas), Microsoft announced several additional features that will be introduced in Outlook Web Access with Office 365. In addition, Microsoft announced that the soon-to-be-released Outlook Web App for the Android platform similar application that already have iPhone and iPad users.

Actually there are several versions of the various microsoft office 2016 product key purchase solutions that have the word in its name Outlook. Think not superfluous will give some explanation.

Firstly, there is the Outlook, which is a full-featured electronic organizer with mail client features. Outlook comes as part of the MS Office suite of programs from 1996 onwards.

Secondly, the postal service Outlook.com, who came on as a substitute mail service from Microsoft Hotmail in 2012 year. A free service that is quickly gaining popularity thanks to the intuitive and office 2016 keys free functional interface. In the case of subscription Office 365 (Home Premium or personal) user receives additional online storage OneDrive (former SkyDrive).

And, thirdly, Outlook Web App, that are part of the business version of Office 365, or local Exchange Server as the Web client for Outlook.com e-mail. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has ported Outlook Web App on the iPhone, iPad and Android app is coming soon.

So, moving on, what are the additional keys for windows features offered by Microsoft Outlook Web access for Office 365:

Mess. Working title feature, which allows the user to configure the priority of messages in your Inbox. This feature is completely characterized by the user, and at the moment is not the final version.

Advanced collaboration features on a document. Outlook Web App is fully integrated with OneDrive for business, allowing you to quickly and easily share your files in the cloud as an attachment in an email. This feature runs automatically each time a letter is sent as an attachment, the attachment is downloaded in OneDrive cloud storage, and from there the end user gets a reference. However, there is a possibility to send an attachment in a traditional way. In addition, each time receiving an attachment with a file type of MS Office 365 keys sale , you will be able to view or edit its not coming off from the main correspondence.

Work in groups. The ability to create working groups using Exchange servers, SharePoint, or using Yammer network.

Outlook web App for Android OS devices. At the moment there is an Outlook Web App on the iPhone and iPad, offering access to the latest features in Outlook Web App on a mobile device. Soon it is planned to expand the range of supported mobile devices based on Android.

What’s next?

Over the next few months you will see how the new home page will replace the standard login procedure Office 365.


Perhaps feeling somewhat of pressure from it is new Best Buy neighbor Google, which recently exposed experiential retailers at 12 Best Buy locations across Canada, Microsoft is going to take the wrapping off of ten newly renovated Best Purchase Windows Stores.

To enjoy the occasion and the approaching christmas, this weekend (December 9th to 11th) the eight stores will hold a grand reopening event. Canadian consumers browsing the stores will be treated to free caffeine. Microsoft will also offer complimentary gift idea wrapping with every purchase.

Store employees will also be on-hand to showcase Microsoft’s latest products, including the provider’s popular Surface lineup, as well provide demos of the Xbox One S i9000 and latest Windows twelve gaming PCs.
12 , 6, 2016 at twenty-one: 50 GMT (GREENWICH MEAN TIME)
Films Videos and TELEVISION

Following similar announcements from Hulu and Google today, Microsoft is updating the Windows 15 Movies and TV iphone app for Insiders soon with Support for 4K Extremely HD content. If if you’re a Windows Insider going the latest Movies & TV iphone app version, Ms will now let you buy and play these videos from the Home windows Store. While Microsoft’s Retail outlet previously supported HD and Full HD videos, this is the new the Store and the matching iphone app are now able to support 4K content.

Which not all that’s new in this update, Ms has introduced an online video cloud collection, analogous to the Groove Music move collection. You can now sync media you’ve purchased in the iphone app across your Windows and Xbox 360 system devices with that. Entire you could do it before with the “restore purchases” button, this makes it slightly easier.